chetticus (chetticus) wrote,

Hooray for medical insurance!!!

I have a therapist.

Rebecca said I needed help, but more importantly Im kinda burnt out on being perpetually miserable and finding difficulty in every aspect of my life.

He seems like a nice enough guy, he didnt really talk much. I guess thats probably the point of the thing. I spoke alot about Becca, he says "Wow, you really like this girl"

He asked if shed be willing to come in as part of a group therapy thing, I told him she was too done with me for that. I guess the smart thing to do is figure out how I can live without her.

He asked me about my family, I gave the breakdown. He tells me that my assignment/homework for the week is to consider what kind of person I hope to be. His point, if I recall correctly is that growing up I really wasnt given any sort of realistic model for what grownups should be and Ive been forced to make it up as I went along.

So now ive got that to think about.
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