chetticus (chetticus) wrote,

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards?!

Because while you were doing that, there was an entire planet full of things happening outside your house, the vast myriad possibilities that passed you by, good or bad were infinitely more enriching than the FUCKING MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS!!! OMFUCKINGOD! I would rather watch reruns of "Becker" than submit myself to the popculture abortion that is MTV...

The thing of it is, you dont have to "Not watch TV" to be enriched or moved by something greater than what is offered the masses... Theres enough shit out there that you could sit in front of the TV 6 hours a day and still only be watching "Good TV", that is well written stories with a reasonable sembelance of "heart" and relative to the human condition. You dont have to suffer MTV and reality shows and FUCKING LIFE ACCORDING TO JIM!

Of all the lazy, I may be the laziest, most inactive, most isolated people on the planet, but i still know what makes a good story good, and I can see that theres something out there in the world that i can recognize and Identify inside of my own heart, this feeling supercedes the distaste I have for my fellow Bipeds. "Hell is other people" says Jean-Paul Sartre, and that guy is fucking on to it man... but Ill tell you, a good story always makes it a little more bearable.

You dont have to get off your couch, but you gotta get better taste in entertainment. MTV is fucking poison that gives you a false sense of what it is to be human, it removes all that makes you worthwhile and leaves just enough to buy the popular deoderants and sportscars
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