chetticus (chetticus) wrote,

because Im sure youll read this

I pray

Tomorrow Ill wake up at 5 in the morning and Ill get to be a whole new person with no memory of what transpired in the days previous and no feeling, loving or hateful towards those who were present.

That Ill be able to leave behind every negative memory and for that, Im beginning to think itd be a fair deal that all positive aspects will have been washed away with them as well

Ill be a blank slate with nothing but new beginnings and experiences from wich to build upon. a freshly created persona that isnt colored by the influences of those ive been near. No past acquaintances that come to mind, no fondness or regret

And while theres no precedent, under this new state of being, should my phone ring, id answer and have no idea what to say to whomever might be on the other side.

"Im sorry? Youre trying to reach whom? Theres no one here by that name, goodbye"

Today I hate you. Tomorrow I hope I dont even know you anymore.
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