chetticus (chetticus) wrote,

Serious question

Can a sociopath fool himself into thinking he has feelings and emotions supposing hes figured out what people are supposed to feel?

If someone is right about me, maybe I have a real problem.

Does the fact that I feel compelled to make people watch movies that I think communicate some part of me, or an ideal I feel Im after, reveal that all Im really doing is seeking out moral tales that present what an admirable person should feel in a given situation or circumstance?

Do I submit to you a story that presents the ideal of love so that you can identify with, and then be led to believe that I can love too?

Do the presence of dark thoughts and black moods present evidence of a deeper more geniune emotional health? Would the presence of despair imply that there was good before and there will be good after? Is the imnplication that everything is cyclical make the lows worth the highs?

I cant find the answers... And I cant find the distraction to keep me from wondering why the answers wont come.

Things are shitty these days
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